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  Citrix and Secure Access FAQ  

“What is Citrix or Citrix XenApp and how does it work?”
Citrix XenApp is a separate piece of software installed on a Windows Server. Citrix XenApp is basically a networking protocol and software that allows us to publish either a desktop or individual applications to any client PC.  What is published is just video, keyboard, and mouse clicks.  There is nothing on the client PC other than client software that helps make a connection to the server.  All processing and data reside on the server from which the application is running.  Citrix will select the server with the least amount of load or number of users on it to enhance performance.  Citrix allows us to bring applications to some users that, in the past, we were unable to deploy to those users.

“I'm running a non-Windows operating system at home. Can I access Remote Access from my system?”
Yes. There are a number of non-Windows ICA client downloads available on the Citrix Website at  There is limited support for non Windows Clients. Fifth Third Bank is only supporting Windows XP, Windows Vista and MAC OSX operating systems. You may have to contact Citrix directly for support on your non Windows or non MAC operating system.

“What applications are available on Remote Access/Citrix?”
Basically the Citrix servers after modeled after a standard PC. If you have ever received a brand new Fifth Third PC you know all your software initially does not come installed.  Some users do not require any additional applications installed.
The standard applications include:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • BlueZone (Mainframe Access)
  • Citrix Reciever
  • Document Direct 4.6
  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010

“I’m missing all of my applications.” “I don’t see my applications on the desktop or start menu.”
The Citrix Application Matrix will direct you to information about all of the Published applications that are published and available on Citrix.
If you are using the Fifth Third Desktop You WILL NOT find all of the applications installed. The Fifth Third Desktop is based on a standard Fifth Third PC. Just like a PC, not everything is setup and configure on it. Due to licensing constraints not all applications can be installed on the Fifth Third Desktop. These users specific application are available on other servers and can be accessed from the Fifth Third Desktop using the Citrix Program Neighborhood or the Citrix App portal. These can both be found on the Fifth third Desktop.

“How do I get an application set up on Remote Access/Citrix?”
Contact the CSI Citrix Engineering team at The CSI Citrix Engineering team will supply you with a New Application Request Form to fill out and submit.

“Will my home printer work on Remote Access/Citrix?”
Yes. With the Citrix servers, and the latest Citrix ICA client 99.9% of all printers are able to work with all their functions and features. You will however need to have the latest Citrix ICA client installed on your home PC.

Can I access files on my home PC from Remote Access/Citrix?”
No. Access to non-Fifth Third Bank systems has been denied as a security and privacy restriction. Only Fifth Third Bank systems have the ability to access their local client system when logged onto a Citrix session. The latest ICA client can be downloaded from

“Everything I need is available using Remote Desktop”
What happens if your building looses power has a fire or your PC crashes?
End users should not rely 100% on their desktop PC. Most of users do not know their apps are already setup on remote Access/Citrix or just do not know how or where to access them. Not all of these applications will be available but large portion of the applications are there.

“I have trouble switching between the different applications.”
If you use multiple applications such as Outlook, Word Excel and the Intranet or others. Try using the Fifth Third Desktop instead. You get a full desktop environment to work in and all the standard applications are available just like on your PC. Setup shortcuts to those documents you need to access on the Fifth Third desktop. We have found that moving to the Fifth Third Desktop for a lot of users has drastically improved their performance and productivity

“I‘m unable to get Remote Access to work at all”
With a lot of users we have found most did not have the Citrix client installed. Others had their Security Center and Firewall not configured properly. In order to use the Fifth Third Remote Access solution you need to have the Cirtix ICA client installed and it needs to be allowed to connect through your firewall and Security Center. has a link on the main logon page to the two main Citrix clients. In the upper right hand corner click the Windows ICA client link. Then download and install the latest XenApp Web Client. If you are using a MAC there is a link to the MAC Client. For your firewall and security center configurations please review the operation and administration of the firewall and your Security Center application. This could be the McAfee security center or Norton Internet Security Center. You must allow the Citrix client access through your firewall and allow it to be an approved program. If you need assistance with these please contact the PC Helpdesk.
“I wish I could access the files I have on My Desktop through Remote Access.”
Users should not save any data on their local PCs. PCs are not backed up and if the system has any hardware issues that data is gone. Users should save all documents to their U Drive and or network drives. Then create shortcuts to these documents.
This will save you in the event of a hardware issue. Or if the building you work in has power issues when you are attempting to Remote to it. These documents can then be accessed through remote Access as well. We build the Fifth Third Desktop servers to mimic the standard Fifth Third Desktop PC. The same applications and settings are setup the same as much as possible.

Desktop Shortcuts
Many users who are using documents, databases and spread sheets as their “applications” These can be made available on Remote Access by creating shortcuts.
If you have these setup on your work PC‘s desktop move the files to your U: Drive or a network drive and create shortcuts to the documents on your desktop. Do the same steps when you logon to the Fifth Third desktop in Remote Access.

“I need to access Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio”, “I need Monarch”, “Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator",
“I don't see Crystal Reports"
If you are in the right security group they will be available but not in the main Fifth Third Desktop they will be in separate folders and icons on the main Web Interface. Some applications are only available to users who are licensed to use those applications. Applications like Monarch, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio are some of these.
To gain access to these applications and other limited applications please submit a PCA (Personal Computer Acquisition) request formt he Intranets Forms Library.

“I use an app called NFS FBSI”, “I use Total Systems”, “I use Roscoe and Mobius”
There are a lot of applications that are mainframe based applications.  If you open these applications and see BlueZone Mainframe Display in the title this is a mainframe based application.These all can run on Citrix just as on your local Office PC, they only need BlueZone to run. BlueZone is a standard Fifth Third Desktop application. However you set these sessions up on your local Desktop you can set them up the same way on Citrix.
Once setup the shortcuts and settings will follow you with your roaming profile.

“I’d like to access ALPS/RAFT”
The Citrix/Remote Access environment has not been setup for ALPS/RAFT access like a banking center. The Banking Center PCs are setup much differently than a standard desktop PC. We are working towards having ALPS/RAFT available in the near future.

“I’m an IT Administrator who needs access to my Admin Tools”
Look for the Fifth Third Admin Desktop. We have setup a lot of the IT Administrators with access to this desktop. This desktop has a lot of the Admin tools that your team uses for Administrative purposes. If you do not see the Fifth Third Admin Desktop Please contact the CSI Citrix team.

“I can’t access my Personal Folders within Outlook”
PSTs will lock when used, so if you leave the office and leave Outlook running your PST file will be locked and cannot be accessed until that instance of Outlook is closed.

Multiple PSTs
If you have multiple PSTs, you’ll need to set these up the same way as you did on your local PC or the same way that you do when you get a new PC.
Within Outlook Click File-> Import and Export, Import from another Program, Personal Folder file (.pst), Browse for your PST and finish the wizard.
It is also recommended that your PST file not exceed 200mb. Anything over 200mb has a greater potential for corruption. The larger the PST file the harder it is to recover and repair if these files become corrupt.








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