Secure Access Support
System Requirements  
  • Microsoft Windows operating systems, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Apple operating systems, MAC OSX: Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitain
  • Mobile devices, Apple iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android
  • Access to the Internet using an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Supported browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 10 and 11 (x32bit only)
  • Microsoft Edge 20
  • Safari 8.0 or later
  • Firefox 26 or higher
  • Latest Citrix Reciver offered by Citrix
  • Up-to-date and active Anti-Virus software such as: Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee, Norton, AVG or Trend Micro
Employee Requirements
  • A valid employee ID number and password
  • A token (containing a token code) supplied by Information Security
  • A four digit PIN code
  • Trusteer Rapport secure browsing software

    Note: Software and configurations on a user's home PC may have issues with the Citrix ICA connection and client installation. The Client Systems Infrastructure support team will do their best effort to troubleshoot issues. In rare cases the Citrix connection may not work on home PCs.
Windows and MAC Support

Listed below are a few troubleshooting steps that you can do on your own.

  1. Uninstall any Citrix client that you may have installed
  2. Windows users use Add/Remove Programs or Programs in your Control Panel
  3. Once uninstalled delete the C:\Program Files\Citrix folder
  4. MAC Users use SpotLight to locate any Citrix or Dazzle files and Drag them to the Trash, then empty the trash.
  5. Once uninstalled and Removed Reboot. This will finish the uninstall procedure.
  6. Once rebooted Go to
  7. Download and Reinstall the client for your system.
  8. Log back on to and attempt to access any Desktop or Application

Performance Related Issues
Citrix Functions completely different than standard web browsing. You might have other people in your area check the internet or your own internet browsing might be fast. Citrix works on a completely different protocol and will function different than standard web browsing.

If you are experiencing slowness, latency and connection drops? Check the following things:

Are you using WiFi?
We don't support WiFi but do not restrict it. WiFi is so common and accessible but connections can be very inconsistent. WiFI Hotspots will not provide the speed that a hard line connection can provide. Even a WiFi connection in your own house cannot provide the proper connectivity unless specific configurations are done correctly. We recommend a direct hard line Ethernet connection.

Are you on a Shared Network?
If there are other systems on the same network that you are on? Those systems will have an impact on your connection. Streaming media, Blockbuster, Netflix, Online Gaming, Wii, PS3 and Xbox that use internet connections all will have an impact. Even if you are on broadband they can still impact your performance.

Are you using any online backup software?
Carbonite, Mozy and other online backup solutions may be running in the back ground, backing up your systems but that service takes up bandwidth that will impact your Citrix connection.

Are you Using Remote Desktop Connection(RDP), Remoting to your PC or Laptop on the Internal Network?
RDP Protocol will be slower than Cirtix ICA connections. The location of the Host PC is critical. Typically Connections to Florence Grand Rapids are fast. But connections to systems in other affiliate offices may show signs of latency. It is not recommended that you rely on your internal desktop workstation fro access to applications. Please contact the Citrix team to inquire about getting to tools and applications you need on a Citrix server.




If you continue to have issues Please contact the PC Helpdesk 1-800-991-3441.

NOTE: With home systems and mobile devices, support can only be done so far.
The Helpdesk staff and CSI staff will do their best effort to support you and your devices.
There are rare cases where the connection to Fifth Third's Citrix servers for some reason will not work.
This could be for any numerous reasons. With home support on user's personal systems, we have no control over what software and configurations are on that system and anything can hinder the Citrix client.